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Non-surgical Treatments for Hair Loss


Hair loss medications

In men, minoxidil, finasteride, and dutasteride are effective for hair loss. These medications are more effective at slowing hair loss than promoting hair regrowth, and they are more effective in promoting hair regrowth on the top of the scalp, rather than at the hairline. In woman, minoxidil is an effective medical treatment for hair loss. Contrary to popular opinion, the 2% and 5% formulations have the same impact on hair regrowth.

A trial with medications is appropriate for individuals with a minor degree of hair loss, who are still relatively satisfied with their appearance, but who wish to slow the progression of loss.

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In contrast, hair transplantation is recommended for individuals with more profound hair loss, since medications rarely produce notable regrowth.

While a limitless number of laser devices, medications, supplements, vitamins, and hair products are marketed as effective in reversing or slowing hair loss, these claims are not supported by quality research. The same holds true for platelet rich plasma, which is increasingly offered as a treatment, but is supported by dubious quality evidence.